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Developments: Governor includes ITTC in new budget

Intermodal Rail Facilities  

Future road and Freeway improvements

Target Distribution Center in Kern County 


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  • "... 7th Standard Road could hold the southern San Joaquin's greatest promise in transforming Kern County to a distributor's haven.

    Already, CARQUEST has set up its distribution hub, supplying 280 stores, sandwiched between highways 99 and 65. Just north of 7th Standard, packaging company Pactiv plans a 1.2-million-square-foot distribution warehouse to employ at least 100 workers.

    Once thought of as too far north of Bakersfield to attract businesses, Kress likes this corridor for its immediate access to Meadows Field and the planned widening of 7th Standard Road.

    "That will be the ground zero of distribution," said Kress, who represented The Allen Group when it sold a portion of the International Trade and Transportation Center to Target. Six miles west on 7th Standard sits the ITTC, a long-dormant business park recently invigorated by Target's decision to build its 1.7-million-square-foot distribution warehouse. It is expected to begin shipping in 2003, supplying the retailer's Central California stores and employing around 1,000 workers...."

    Governor includes ITTC in new budget

    Shafter City Council comments 
    about the new California State Budget 

    City of Shafter will receive $5 million to construct a Intermodal Rail Facility at International Trade and Transportation Center on Seventh Standard Road. The state revenues will help finance a rail line that will improve this center's ability to move supplies and freight. 

    National Companies that receive goods from all over the world and require a centralized distribution facility will be attracted to California. Companies will greatly benefit from ITTC's Foreign -Trade Zone and California Enterprise Zone. Using Intermodal units by rail or by freeway transport to and from shipyards will expedite the movement of goods and services. 

    A very large amount of the world's goods are shipped by container today. These large containers can be packed at the factory warehouse and moved from ship to train to truck transport without unpacking the shipping container.


    Plans for future development of Freeway system

    A new plan to build a future freeway expansion  between Interstate I-5 and Highway 99 along the Seventh Standard Road corridor will bring additional benefits with three freeways connecting this will tie trucking with the the two railroads that will provide direct transportation of goods, raw materials to and from the Port Authority of Los Angeles for distribution.

    Centralized distribution centers like Bakersfield Quality Distribution Center facility and ITTC can service both the northern and southern parts of California overnight and the western region efficiently.

    The City of Bakersfield City Council and the Kern County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously  to support a freeway system that includes a freeway along the Seventh Standard Road alignment, this new Highway 58 will connect Interstate 5 to Highway 99 and ultimately joining Hwy. 58  going east  out of Bakersfield. The Kern County Council of Governments will continue to work on this project. 

    source: The Shafter Press 


    Target Distribution Center coming to Shafter, CA

    August 16, 2001

    Mega-retailer Target plans to build a massive distribution center in Shafter,  according to plans submitted to the city last week.

    The warehouse would measure nearly 1.7 million square feet and be built at the International Trade and Transportation Center, an industrial park aiming to become a favorite point of distribution.

    Minneapolis, Minn.- based Target could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

    It has long been rumored a distribution center would go up at the trade center and that it would employ 1,000 people. Grading plans given to the city of Shafter last week with the company's name stretched across the top call for 959 parking spots. City Manager John Guinn declined to talk about the plans.

    If built, the center will join the ranks of the largest distribution facilities either operating or under construction in the southern San Joaquin Valley. The IKEA warehouse being built at the base of the Grapevine, for example, will measure 1.8 million square feet, but eventually employ just 300 to 350 workers.

    The Target deal likely helped land the 750-acre ITTC rail track that won $5 million in a late addition to the state budget passed last month.

    Assemblyman Mike Briggs, R-Fresno, said in July that the extra rail spurs were important to a company prepared to do business at the industrial park. "I can't tell you who it is, but there's a company that's ready to sign and bring a thousand jobs," he said. Harvey May, president of the Central Valley division of The Allen Group, which owns and operates the ITTC, declined to comment on Target's plans.

    Since opening around four years ago, the ITTC has landed just one company that transferred its workers from Bakersfield to distribute hardware from Shafter. The industrial park offers numerous tax rebates and credits, as well as status as a foreign trade zone within the Port of Los Angeles allowing breaks on tariffs, duties and taxes.

    Target also has plans for Bakersfield. The company is finishing construction of its third Bakersfield store as an anchor of the new addition to the Northwest Promenade, to be completed in October.

    Through the year ended February 2001, Target spent $2.5 billion in capital expenditures, according to an April shareholders report. Most went to its retail stores, but some money was spent on distribution, the report said.

    By Devona Wells, Bakersfield Californian staff writer 


    New Intermodal Rail Facility

    Bakersfield Quality Distribution Center and ITTC, are both strategically positioned to provide direct rail service to and from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, we can expect to attract national and regional manufacturers, shippers and distribution companies to this important area.

    "Nowhere else is there a single-site industrial development of this size and strategic position that is connected to a port, and from which a company can serve all major distribution hubs in the state of California overnight,". "Ultimately, the ITTC be one of the few industrial parks in the western United States that provides on-site intermodal rail facilities to ship durable goods, perishables and freight dock-to-dock with only short hauls and local deliveries being by truck."

    A new intermodal rail facility, which would allow businesses to easily transfer merchandise between trucks and trains, also appears on track. The facility was just allocated $5 million in the California state budget in July 2001 and is expected to be complete by 2002.

    In addition to offering tenants Class I main-line industrial rail service, Bakersfield QDC facility is accessible to two major north / south intrastate commerce routes, as well as three major southern-aligned east / west interstate commerce routes. Customers also have access to (Meadows Field) commercial airport for time-sensitive cargo.


    note: Kern County already is the 11th largest trade area among the Western states,
    even ahead of Fresno, according to data from the Department of Commerce.

    -- Kern County Economic Development Corporation - KEDC

    Foreign-Trade Zones

    In the United States there are more than 255 foreign-trade zones located in 49 of the 50 states. Some of California's largest foreign-trade zones are found in such cities as San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, West Sacramento, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Palmdale, Port Hueneme, and Shafter CA. Foreign-trade zones are secured areas legally outside U.S. Customs territory and usually located in or near customs points of entry. Foreign-trade zones allow entry of foreign or domestic merchandise without formal customs entry or government excise taxes. Merchandise entering a zone may be stored, tested, sampled, relabeled, repackaged, displayed, repaired, manipulated, mixed, cleaned, assembled, manufactured, salvaged, destroyed, or processed. Products exported from or imported into foreign-trade zones are excluded from customs duty and excise taxes until the time of transfer from the zone.

    The National Association of Foreign -Trade Zones listed the Oxnard Harbor District
    (Port Hueneme) as the fifth-largest zone in the country for foreign merchandise received in 1996, with a value of $860 million. More information about foreign-trade zones is available ( ).