BSNF Railway &
Bakersfield Quality Distribution Center, Inc.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe
BNSF Railway operates one of the largest rail
networks in North America, with
33,500 route miles covering 28
states and two Canadian provinces.



Transload Services coordinates BNSF's network of multi-commodity and multi-modal transload facilities providing growth opportunities to our customers, our transload partners, and to BNSF through expanded market coverage to non-rail served customers.

What is Transload Services?   

Learn more about BNSF Premier Transloading by watching this VIDEO.wmv.

The BNSF rail network serves the western two-thirds of the United States
and extends into the southeast. The rail network creates a powerful
distribution system for shippers and their customers and their customers
directly served by rail. To reach customers beyond the rail network, BNSF
serves over 500 transload and multi-commodity distribution centers like Bakersfield QDC, Inc. This network is considered an extension of the core rail system and is managed by the Transload Services Group.

The BNSF philosophy is to partner with operators as professional as Bakersfield QDC, Inc. to have them function as an operational and marketing resource to BNSF in regional markets. It also provides Bakersfield QDC customers with the ability to tap into expertise in inventory control, just-in-time deliveries, forward inventory positioning, point-of-sales, customs handling and other logistical and supply chain management services.

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